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Sprint Design Inc summer league race 3…

Over 40 riders turned up last night for the 3rd race in the 5 race league…. with the bulk of riders in the limit group and mid group the scratch had its work cut out to catch all before the finish…. The the mid group took off at a fierce pace, making it split on the first lap… it wasn’t long into the race before the half point the break from the mid group caught the limit group and ploughed on….the scratch riders worked well together but on the last lap there was a few riders off the front that caused the upset the rythym… and played to the advantage of the front groups… with a gap of 1.30 mins still to the scratch group with 3km left, it was left to the other riders to fight it out for the sprint…

Patsy McCaffery showed good power to hold off a strong Hugh Byrne to take the points with vet rider Hugh Davis taking 3rd, and Barrow riders dave Whitty and Gerry byrne taking 4th and 5th….


Patsy (WW) 10pts

Hugh (Barrow) 8pts

Hugh D (IRC) 6pts

Dave Whitty (Barrow) 4pts

Gerry Byrne (Barrow) 2pts



Over results so far are:

Hugh Byrne (Barrow) 18pts
J Maguire (SERC),Dave Allen (WW), Patsy McCaffery (WW) 10pts
Shane Kelly (slaney), Frank O’Leary (Slaney) 8pts
Dave Heffernan(WW),Hugh Davis (IRC),Dave Whitty (Barrow) 6pts
Paul Bracken (SLipstream) 4pts
Andrew Bracken (SLipstream),Stephen Furlong (SERC),Gerry Byrne (Barrow) 2pts

The times for next weeks race will be shortened between the scratch and mid group. We would ask any rider who pulls out of the race but decides to rejoin the race at a later point, the league has no problem with this as its valuable training that each rider wants, but we would ask anybody who does this , they must sit at the back of the group and not interfer with the race at any point. This is to be fair to the riders who are still in the race. However any rider who drops back from a group to the a chasing group and contiunes to ride is still an active race rider.

Thanks for your support


Bike week and SERC

The SERC are heavily involved in various projects to help promote National Bike Week. The first event was the family fun cycle organised by Revolve. Serc helped out to guide the riders around a small 4 mile circuit around Gorey. There was riders from as young as 3 taking part. The event passed off without a hitch and loads of money was raised for The Seal Sanctuary and NWSPCA…..
The Sprocket Rocket course set for Gorey will roll out on the 4th of July, 2 nights a week for 3 weeks… places are nearly full….but don’t worry the club will run more courses through the summer. The club has been invited back to Prospect caravan park to also run the Sprocket Rocket course in the coming weeks…. Also the club would like to thank Craanford NS for their offer to run the course starting in September… SERC was out there this week given all the school valuable tips on bike maintaince and safety information for the summer break.

Mick Considine is still going strong with his courses, by now he has reached over 300 kids. Going up as far as Rathdrum and down to Castletown. We all know the love Mick has for the sport of cycling and all he has given not just to the old Avondale Bark club, and SERC, but the sport as a whole owes him a great deal. Yesterday he told me the sad news that because of recent events he was unable to make the Audaux 600km trip… the last remaining hurdle to qualify for the Paris Brest Paris that both himself and Mick Shields have trained so hard for in the past year….therefore he does not qualify to make the PBP that only takes place every 4 years. Sport and especially cycling can be so cruel… and if anybody deserves the chance is Mick… however, been Mick and the eternal optimist, in the same breath he shrugged his shoulders and said ‘ Ah feck it, I think I’ll cycle from Arklow down to Italy instead with a few friends ‘…ya got to admire his attitude!!!,a great friend and true cycling legend, Chapeau Mick!

More events from SERC to come….watch this space


Sprint Design Inc league race…

Many thanks to all who turned up last night, I think we would all agree it was a thrilling race with at one stage over 7 groups on the road all racing for the finish….

The race all came together with 3 km to go after the brave 5 riders from the limit group who got away in the early stages from other riders in the same group gave up the ghost…. With Murt Doyle from Slaney been agressive through out was unlucky to be swallowed up with 150 metres to go… But sprint King, Hugh Byrne took the honours with a great sprint, pipping Slaney’s Frank O’leary, Wexfords Dave Allen, and Slipstreams father and son duo Paul and Andrew Bracken….

The results:

Hugh Byrne 10pts
Frank O’Leary 8pts
Dave Allen 6pts
Paul Bracken 4pts
Andrew Bracken 2 pts.

Over all so far after race 2 (3 races left).

John Maguire (SERC)/Hugh Byrne (Barrow)/Dave Allen (WW) 10pts
Shane Kelly (Slaney)/Frank O’Leary Slaney 8pts
Damien Heffernan (WW) 6pts
Paul Bracken (slipstream) 4pts
Andrew Bracken (Slipstream)/Dave Whitty (Barrow)/Stephen Furlong (SERC) 2pts

See ya all next wednesday


triathlon boot camp for kids…..

The bootcamp will the first of its kind in Ireland, aimed at helping young adults to learn about the sport of triathlon, in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Date: 8th – 12 August
Location: Enniscorthy Pool and Astro Active, Enniscorthy
Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday
Price: €75

This is the first year of what we hope will be an ongoing junior bootcamp for young adults aged 12 – 18 years old in the South East. All instructors involved are fully insured and qualified, and compete in marathons and triathlons on an ongoing basis.

The bootcamp will include instruction in the three core competencies of running, swimming and cycling, along with core conditioning, strength training, transitions and nutrition. Each day will include a number of activities aimed at helping young adults to better understand the demands of triathlon as a sport, culminating in a simulated race scenario on the Friday where they will get to put all their hard work into practice.

The only real requirement we have for the bootcamp is that young adults can swim four lengths of a 25 metre (standard swimming pool). As you can understand, we would prefer to spend our time increasing the participants knowledge of triathlon, rather than giving swimming lessons.

We have had a good response to our bootcamp so far and have reached half of our target attendees, we would appreciate it if you would pass this information along to friends, family, other people who you think may be interested.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Check out racing 795 for more info….

Sprint Design Inc summer league…

The Sprint Design Inc summer league will resume this wednesday (22nd) at Toss Byrnes. Sign on at 6.30 and first riders off at 7pm… The race has been extended one lap with the same time gaps…. Keep in mind that we have cancelled last weeks event.. therefore the league will be run over 5 races and not six.. so best 4 results will count….



bike fitting ireland….

The club last saturday got in Adain Hammond and Michelle Crinnon from Bike Fitting Ireland to fine tune the riders positions on the bike. As there was 9 of us for the day, we got a good group rate and they actually came to us and set up in Sprint Design inc’s shop for the day. Each rider had an alotted 40 mins to get measured and fitted for their bikes.. if ya had 2 bikes allow an hour. We started at 9.30 and we were finished up by 3.30pm.

The first part of the proceedure was a quick interview about your past sporting life (past as in I am 37 so not much for me in the future) any injuries, aches, problems or anything on the bike that causes you some pain. Every part of the body is looked at ‘ Michelle then takes detailed measurements, your arms, reach, legs, and shoulders…. all of this is handed over to Aidan, who has your bike set up on rollers…. he then in detail looks at your peddling, your posture and leg position… and makes minor adjustments that sets you up just right. All of your info is filed away and you get a copy… so if you decide to purchase a new bike, bike fitting Ireland are on hand to make sure you get the right size frame and also help with the set up….

All in all a worth while excercise… the feed back from the lads has been good, one in particular who dropped his saddle as little as 5mm, reduced any back pain he had when in the saddle for more than an hour… for me… I went out with my bike fitted out to the last… I was still useless… but a more comfortable useless!…


national bike week….

The club will be busy during national bike week starting the 18th of June. To coincide with cycling related activities around the country, at 12 noon on Sunday the 19th from Revolve bike shop Gorey and inconjunction with SERC there will be a family cycle taking place. This is to promote the bike as a safe, healthy and logical form of transport. Members from SERC (SERC volunteers requires, please contact Derek) will bring a group of cyclists around Gorey and slightly further afield to promote the bike and also encourage more youngster to get involved. Refreshments and ice cream will be handed out by Grace and Peter. SERC would like to acknowledge all the hard work Grace has put into this week and she has ensured there is something for everybody this week…

Revolve on Saturday 18th are having a free bike service for kids bikes , just drop it into Peter and he will look after ya… Also for the week of the event…Sprint Desgin and Revolve are actively taken applications for Goreys first Spocket Rocket course. The plan is to roll it out 2 nights a week for 3 weeks staring Monday 26th. Already we have kids signed up.

The club has also organised for its members a professional bike fitting service from . Michelle from the Bike Fitting Ireland will be down to professionally fit each rider with the latest computers and equipment.


Wicklow 200 12 June 2011

05.00 Ballyfad : Sunny no wind ( somethings up never no wind up here )

06.00 Arklow : Tesco car park clouding over slightly few spits of rain

07.00 Greystones : Dryish ( not looking too bad weather forecast has to be wrong ), sign on, top up on bars & gels, plenty of layers on off we go the 6 weekend warriors ( Ciaran & Stephen Furlong, Matt Heaney, John Canavan, Tony Barnes & guest rider John Byrne ).

07.30 Half way up Sally Gap Heavens open and gales blow this is how its going to be for the rest of the day. Summit Sally Gap 4 degrees descend towards Blessington pass riders abandoned after 30km wrapped in foil blankets nasty looking crash with ambulance at bridge up & down for next 40km until turn off N81 via a 10km glorified wood lane to food stop at Donard. Good to see Mick Considine & Michael Shiel enjoying tea & sandwiches ( 200km short little leg warmer for these guys ). Donard hall bodies shaking and shivering everywhere no respite from cold refuelled off we go for the middle/climbing section of the day met another club member Eddie Shortt along way ( the Gorey branch were out in force also but our paths never crossed ). Climbing Auchavanagh, Slieve Mann & Glenmaulure in driving rain isint as bad as it sounds quite the cooling effect was achieved  however descending was a different ball game no visability, block headwind and hail like rain, boughs blown fro trees made it trecherous front & rear brakes full on still doing 40kph. Onto Rathdrum and second food stop heres where the brain clicked in ( anticapating bad weather my good wife gathered a change of clothes for all, thanks Fiadhnait ) clothes changed, coffee,  in a warm hall off we go again. Dry for all of 30 seconds down to Avoca and the toughest turn of day deciding against 10km home to continue up to Connary and more leg sapping drags through Redcross & Barndarrig, Deputys Pass, Ashford and up coast road ( past Newcastle we could have been admitted without question )  hill on main street Kilcoole feeling like Alpe D’Huez after 190km. 196km finish at Shoreline Leisure centre hot showers, weak coffee, stodgy pasta and recovery drinks never tasted so good.


Distance 196km, Average speed 24.8kph, 1850m vertical climb, 142bpm average heart rate, 8hrs12min ride time, 9.6degrees average temperature.

Michelin & Continental will be safe in tube manufacturing for next 12 months judging by amount of punctures being mended along route.

Tip of day curtousy of seasoned campaigner at finish wrap feet in cling film before start in bad weather, the only person with dry & toastie feet at finish.

2.5hrs to clean bike on Monday.

365 days aprox until we do it all again.


To IVCA for a great day out this event is not so well run by accident 30 years of experience severely testing day for them also.

Matt for driving and taking bikes.

Fiadhnait for dry clothes even if they were only dry for a short while they were a great help to moral.

The other 5 lunatics for kepping humour up ( humour got dirtier & darker than the day ) moral going and company.

Until next year…………….


N.B.   NEVER AGAIN will wind, rain, hail, snow, frost, ice, tsunami, earthquake, typhoon, nuclear fallout, war, alien invasion, armageddon, plague or even the potentially fatal man-flu be deemed a suitable excuse for not riding your bike.

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