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mothers day race

The club ,under the guidance of cycling legend Mick Considine, with the help of Willy murphy and Frank O’Leary , are resurrecting the ‘Mothers day races’ for the underage section of the club. Its for club members and affliates only. All riders gets a present to bring home for their mothers, along with medals and other awards. Sign on is at 10.30am in Arklow, at the leisure centre and will be run on the running track. First race off at 11am… and all age groups are catered for. Hope to see ya all there… contact willy or Mick for more details.


Benefit night….

The club on April 8th is holding a benefit night for the underage section of the club… all funds are going to the purchase of the new mini bus for the club.

Tickets are on sale at The arklow bay leisure centre, Sprint design in gorey, or any committee member…its €10 for a ticket, the function takes place at 9pm in the Bay Suite in the Arklow Bay Hotel and music is by Feel The Pinch. Anymore information please contact Jacki Bracken.

Please come out and support this event, as its helping our ever growing underage section in the club.

tom tom & garmin

Last saturday week I received a text from an unnamed club member… we’ll call him ‘garmin’ inviting me for a few hours mountain biking up on mount Leinster , as himself and ‘tom tom’ wanted to recie the route for the Racing 795 MTB races this weekend. i had to decline the offer as I had family commitments. Both bikers departed at 2pm for ‘a few hours riding’.

This weekend I received another text this time from ‘tom tom’ again asking me to come for the spin, this time instead of the saturday morning road spin, I thought a change is as good as rest and took him up on his offer.I meet ‘garmin’ at the monument, and soon ‘tom tom’ collected us and we headed off for Bunclody. My usual route to Bunclody would be through Carnew. the other two lads would normanly go through Ferns. The debate raged about which was the shorter route. We would settle this another day as it was declared it was ‘6 of one and half a dozen of the other’…

We headed up to the woods where the racing was to begin the next day. There was a few mtb’rs about doing the same. We parked up and got ready. I hadn’t done any mtb’n really for 10 years I reckon. As we got to the entrance of the woods. Myself and ‘garmin’ spoke to the race organiser to find out the route of the race. He went into it in great detail, I mean great detail, so much so I switched off after about 30 seconds, as I figured I ain’t racing it, so why do I need to know. ‘garmin’ did hang onto every word…. so eventually the 3 of us headed off up the fire road as explained. We climbed… and climbed and climbed… we headed around a hairbend and climbed some more… by now my legs were sore and my lungs burning… but we still had some climbing to do.. so we climbed… then when we got to a level part of the road.. it soon went up again… so naturally we climbed some more… and climbed we did… until we could here behind the trees the swoshing noise of the wind turbines on the hill that are visible from Carnew. The actual course for the race is 5km long…. we had done 8km of climbing at this stage, so naturally we went wrong somewhere. I said to ‘garmin’ what was the directions giving.. to which he replied ‘I thought you were listening’… ‘ sure why would I when I am following you,your the racer’ With that ‘tom tom’ came back down the hill and declared he found the ‘route’ . I thought this was going to have to be a bloody sharp descent if it was to knock 3km off the trip, as the course is only 5k!…. SO I followed ‘tom tom’ into the woods down the path, I got about 3 feet approx and fell off. I was unable to get my feet out in time and landed like a trapped turtle , upside down. ‘garmin’ was behind me and stopped just to take in the sight and laugh. As we both laughed about my situation ‘garmin’ was taking a drink from his bottle of which he burst out laughing again and sprayed me with water. I eventually got back upright and continued on… I reckon about 6 feet now and fell again… this time I pee’d myself from laughing as I was neck deep in muck. ‘Tom tom’ was well gone so we followed after him between running and cycling. After 15 mins of this , the little path came to a dead end.. deep in the woods. This wasn’t the route. Below us we could see some sunlight so we headed for that, wheeling our bikes down a wooded embankment we came to a 10 foot drop that led out onto a fire road… we dropped down our bikes and like ninjas we jumped down onto the road…. we said the best thing is to go back down the road to the start and start again….

As we headed down the road… within 500 meters of the start we found the path we have been looking for, the marshals were just starting to mark it. So we headed down the course to research the route for the big race. Again my bike handling skills were poor to be diplomatic about it , so I cut to the shortest line back to the finish, and headed back up tot the car. I was conscience of the time as I promised the mrs I’d bring her to the Skyfest that evening. As I awaited at the car the two lads arrived. Declaring they only managed about 1/2 the route…. between time constraints and pure exhaustion we called it a day. As we loaded up ‘tom tom’ could see me anxiously looking at my watch, he asked me ‘what time are the fireworks to start’… ‘when I get in the door at home’ I replied.

Just to mention the real reason why i called the 2 mountain biking bucko’s after GPS manufactuers is not because of getting lost this saturday gone… but the previous saturday mentioned above that i couldn’t make…. they departed home at 2pm again to suss out the course… only to roll back to the car in the pitch dark at 10pm as again they got lost looking for the stupid course!…


st patricks day parade…

The club took part in the Gorey annual St Patricks day parade last thursday. It was the first time the club took part in Gorey for 4 years. With over 70 floats, easily 30k people lining the route to see the parade itself take approx 1.5 hours too pass in full, it has to have been the most successful parade to date.

Alot of people played their part , big and small to get the float ready. A big thank you to Richard Young and his brothers truck who kindly donated the truck for the afternoon. Also Richards carpentry skills where excellent… as so were mine. So impressed was Richard with my cutting of a ‘straight’ line… he asked me around to his house to hang some shelves…

With early starts and most of the prep work done, I was niave to think it’ll all slot together like a jigsaw, well it did I suppose, but just a few pieces missing,as with all jigsaws.With 20 mins to spare we took our place in the parade , position number 40, we were nearer Camolin than Gorey.

Our float was simple idea… 4 lads on rollers having a race, complete with white picket fence (supposed to be white, but the local hardware had light grey paint on clearance) with grass verge and a finish line… with all sprinting towards the finish. Also our club sign proudly outlining our achievements to date. Also the team car cleaned up with a few bikes on top to crown it off… our simple float looked good and was affective.

Special thanks to El Presidente, Willy murphy, who showed true political skills by been in two places at the one time, he was with us all morning prep’ing the float, till half 2 but still managed to be in Arklow for the Arklow parade to see he’s granddaughter..

Richard Young, for the truck and great help in putting it altogether, during the parade , Richard was offered homemade organic bread from the people of Duffcarrig on their float… don’t think he liked it, as soon as he digested it, I saw him wolf down a pack of cheesey puffs to get the taste of his mouth… I also eat the same bread but didn’t have the luxury of a pack of crips to help with the taste.

Also our cyclists, Niall Heffernan and Gary Walsh from Gorey, and Reece and Elliot Young from Arklow who all pedaled as hard as they could for the 2 hours!!….

Many thanks to all….


P.S … I wanna give a special mention to Michael O’Neill from Arklow, who I was speaking too during the week and claimed he never gets a mention on the web site… well congrats.. ya just did!

Ardattin 200…..

Congratulations to the club vets, the two Michaels, Sheil and Considine who completed the Ardattin 200 Kilometre event on Sunday last. This translates for the non-europhiles into 125 miles, about the distance from Galway to Dublin or if you prefer from Dublin to Galway. The younger Michael had two punctures within the first ten miles, including one within a mile of the start, which was at Bray Wheelers Clubhouse. Rather than venturing any further help was summonsed and a new wheel arrived from Arklow. Special thanks to the bean cheile.The route went down the coast road onto Wicklow Town and then onto to Brittas Bay. A SERCER was spotted coming into opposite direction at McDaniels. I am sworn secrecy on the pain of ten more punctures, if I was to disclose his name. Onward to Avoca , them Woodenbridge, with the first checkpoint at Coates Bridge, ably manned by the very friendly organiser of this the event, Paul O’Donoghue of Sorrento CC. Staffords Chester cake went down a treat and definitely should be on the list of banned substances. Any amount of food and drinks were available. Onward again to Aughrim and the tough road to Carnew. I was glad to see the top of Kilcavan. After Carnew we headed for Clonegall. Its now know as “Clone-galling” as there a very long unending drag up through and beyond it. Eventually,me the second checkpoint and lunch stop was reached at the Ardattin Inn.
Replete with vegetable soup and mountains of lovely sandwiches, I waddled back on the bike. Navigation could have been a major issue as for some obscure reason thee are no signposts in part of the counrty Carlow. Are they expecting an invasion in the future ?. We managed to get to Shillelagh with no difficulty having endured a nasty little climb , described on our route map as “right at the “T” junction”. Eventually Shillelagh was reached. We were on familiar territory as we headed for Tinahealy. From Tinahealy we headed for Aughrim then onto Ballinaclash. It was a lovely feeling being waved throughgh by a Garda at Aughrim who was on match duty. It reminded me of the day many years ago when myself and another cyclist from Gorey manged to get mixed up in the Corpus Christi Parade in Enniscorthy and became a born again athetist subsequently.

The next checkpoint was just over the River Avonmore in Rathdrum, where Andy was in charge of the Staffords cakes. After a few minutes he magically produced a flask of coffee. At this stage it was the nectar of the Gods or should that be the Godless.

Heading on from Glenealy we cut over into Ashford, where we had the most incredible escape from serious injury. Two young ladies, despite the fact that they saw us coming, decided to walk across the road with young pups on leads (the canine type, not what you are thinking). We are probably on Facebook over this, but there was no bad language used, but it would have been justified in the circumstances. From Ashford we went back onto the N11, where the Newtownmountkennedy Hill and the Glen of the Downs really tested the legs. Dusk was well down when got back to the finish, where all kinds of restorative food and drink was available including freshly cooked pancakes after 202.80 kilometres.

This is only the start of the qualifying events towards the Paris Brest Paris.

Great credit to Sorrento CC for a great event, but it seems that a lot of racers were using the event for training as evidenced by some of the bikes used. On the other hand there were few classy vintages bikes including a beautiful Mercian touring bike complete with saddle bags and internal front wheel dynamo

Mick C. .


Congratulations are in order to the Webb family on the arrival of baby daughter Millie. Mother and daughter are well and Derek is said to be considering entering the first county ladies team in the 2030 Ras.

Best of luck to Derrick Evans whose triathlon season kicks off in earnest tomorrow Sat in Abu Dhabi. Derrick seems to following on from the Pro-tour teams whose campaigns began in Qutar and Oman with some early season racing in the Gulf. Garrett is looking at the more traditional European season openers in preperation for their second Iron Man event in Germany in July.

st patricks day parade

The club this year is entering the St Patricks day parade in Gorey. The Parade will be on at 3pm starting point the monument…

We have been supplied with a truck from Richard Young… and we are looking for firstly ideas on the theme of the float… and most importantly volunteers for the day of the parade to cycle along on the or beside the float….

please contact me on 087 0617615 or e mail